Our Services


We develop comprehensive strategies that help brands, companies and organizations achieve their objectives and lay the foundation for success. Business is always evolving and without the right roadmap, it could prove to be a rough ride. At Beeline, we are involved at every stage of campaign planning and execution to ensure that everything we do moves our clients' businesses forward along that road.

Partnerships, Sponsorships and Promotions

This is where we SHINE! Not every marketing partnership is a winner. Doing it wrong can be expensive and put a drain on your time and energy. At Beeline, through the relationships we've built over decades, we connect you to the right partner, collaborate via strategic marketing campaigns to help you leverage assets and achieve each others objectives.  A partnership with the right company on the right project goes a long way in helping you reach new customers and increases credibility of your brand through association. 

Experiential Marketing

We turn your brand into an experience. Experiential marketing is a growing and vital trend which involves marketing your brand and company through experiences that engage customers and create an emotional attachment to your product or service.  Events, physical and interactive experiences make consumers feel as if they are part of your family and experiences are positively related to customer's attitudes, mood and behaviors. Through a well planned out, engaging and compelling experiential campaign, your brand can gain competitive advantage by differentiating itself from competitors. We will help you touch the customer's senses and capture his/her loyalty, encouraging them to participate in the evolution of your brand, making them lifelong customers. 


We energize your company story. Whether it's developing branding that advances your message and images or rebranding to revitalize your organization or service, each phase moves your brand somewhere new and exciting. By ingraining ourselves into your brand, understanding where the brand has come from and where you’d like the brand to go, we will develop strategies that take you to the next level. 

Advertising, Communication, Media Planning and Buying

An integrated communications planning approach and accountable media plan come together at Beeline where we blend paid, owned and earned to help media drive business efficiently and sustainably. Through deep consumer insights, along with advanced audience targeting we ensure every impression makes an impression. Our media team ensures a full range of buying capabilities across all channels: broadcast, print, out-of-home and more that suit your needs. 

Social, PR and Influencer Marketing

Beeline's expertise in social, PR and influencer marketing extends across all channels. We offer industry-leading influencer marketing capabilities, strong media relationships and expert planning for paid social strategies.  It is key to connect your brand to potential consumers through people and platforms they already trust and listen to. Paid Social strategy is critical to brands that want to resonate with any audience. We focus on establishing those real connections to drive measureable business results. The success of every plan is rooted in our commitment to innovation and constant learning. We deliberately focus connect Paid Social and online efforts to other marketing channels with agile, audience-first strategy and accountability.